Custom Wood Tables Tops

Purchasing custom wood tables could be one of the best decisions if you are improving the decor of your office or your home. Many tables that you purchase from companies will look very similar, but those that are custom-made are going to stand out. There are businesses that use solid pieces of hardwood, converting them into tabletops, counters, and many other products. If you would like to purchase a custom wood table that will be absolutely unique, you need to work with a company by the name of Antiquerustic Furniture. This is a quick overview of this company, and the many different products that it has available.

Custom Wood Tables Tops

Custom Wood Tables Tops If you are looking for a company that can produce the most elegant conference tables that you have ever seen, or if you need a bar top for your business, Antiquerustic Furniture is a company that will create something that is very unique for you made out of American hardwoods that will last for decades. They are a business that is very environmentally conscious. They only use electricity that is produced from solar panels. They also use recycled or reclaimed wood, preventing this lumber from simply being tossed out into landfills to later decompose. It is because of this choice to work with these slabs of discarded lumber that they have made a substantial niche for themselves in the world. They are known for their creative furniture, and you can order custom wood tables from them, for a price that will be more than affordable.

What Type Of Custom Tables Do They Make?

This businesses is known worldwide for its ability to create some of the most unique tables that you will ever have in your home or office. They will custom design many different types of furniture. This could be dining room tables, dining room chairs, stools, beds, and slab tables. They also can create desks and many other pieces of furniture. The lumber that they use is very solid, pieces of wood that would otherwise be discarded by typical furniture companies. However, this business will purchase them, using elm, maple, sycamore, cherry, walnut and ebony. Once they have the measurements that you would like to have with your piece of furniture, they can start construction right away.

Shop Restaurant Table tops : In the restaurant world, conversion varnish is the gold standard for durable table finishes. There are many manufacturers of this type of finish, each claiming to be the most durable; most of them are indecipherable from each other once cured and there are many good choices. Conversion varnish is chemically cured, meaning that a second chemical called a catalyzer or hardener is added to the mixture to help cure the finish. The catalyzer sets off a slow chemical reaction that starts to cross-link or cure the solid materials in the finish to make it more durable.  Conversion Varnish is typically 60% solids, while the remaining 40% is a solvent that is used to thin the solution enough for spraying. There are several ways to apply this type of finish, but it is typically applied with a spray gun in a spray booth. Spraying the finish gives a very even appearance and lets you control the build levels of the finish, allowing you to apply just the right amount.  It is possible to use a brush to apply this type of finish, but it is not recommended because it can leave brush marks. There is no doubt that Conversion Varnish is the most durable finish for restaurant tables. The type of conversion varnish that Viridian Reclaimed Wood uses has been tested for compatibility with Ecolab’s most common cleaning agents that are used in restaurants. We’ve tested this finish against common bleach rags, alcohol, citrus, wine, vinegar, ammonia, mustard, and ketchup.  We have also submitted samples of our tabletops for abrasion testing, all of which easily passed.Reclaimed Wood Tables for Restaurants

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